Realising Dreams

So, where does your kindly donated money go? This is where you can find out about the young people in and around Warrington we are helping out as they pursue a career in the performing arts…

Joe Hill

Joe is in his 2nd year at Priestley College studying BTEC Music Diploma and A-Level Music Technology. He is a hugely talented guitar player and has recently been accepted onto a place at BIMM Manchester studying for a BA (Hons) in Music Production.

A big part of Joe’s performance and production style is reliant on guitar effects pedals, as you can see in this impressive video (check out the last 5 minutes). And here he is performing a Talking Heads tribute at Manchester’s Deaf Institute.

Unfortunately, in May 2017, Joe had his pedal board stolen whilst loading a van with equipment after a gig at the Portobello Live festival in London. He told us that “not having access to my effects pedals has led to cancellation of some gigs and has limited my ability to rehearse, perform, write and produce my own music”.

Here is a statement from Michael Grainger, Joe’s music teacher at Priestley College:

“Joe is a talented student who works extremely hard to perfect his craft as a songwriter, guitarist and musician. He is a prolific writer and performer demonstrating a great potential to acheive success in the music industry across a wide range of genres. Joe has already acheived an impressive degree of success at a young age and has proved himself to have a professional attitude towards his musical development as is evidenced by his gigging and performing throughout the UK. The loss of Joe’s guitar effects has set him back considerably and has limited the rate of his development and rate at which he has been able to create new music. Support from the River Reeves Foundation would certainly help Joe to get back on track and to continue performing at the highest possible standard”.

After Joe came to us with his story we knew we had to help and so were delighted to contribute towards his purchasing of a new set of effects pedals. Joe is now back to performing and producing some fantastic music and is definitely one to look out for in the very near future!